(photo by patron Brent Wright)

Each week, Evins Mill posts immediately below a series of Enchanted Nights for the following four to six weeks - evenings when guests may stay for rates reduced by 25% to 40%, depending on the type of room, season, and whether it is a weekend or weeknight.

Enchanted Nights are relatively uncommon on weekends spring through fall. When weekend nights are designated as "Enchanted" in peak seasons, it is often no more than a week or two in advance, so guests must stay tuned in and be fleet of foot to snag a weekend deal! That said, weekend deals are fairly routine from December through February.
Fr, 11.28 & Sa, 11.29
Fr, 12.5 & Sa, 12.6
Fr, 12.12 & Sa, 12.13
Fr, 12.19 & Sa, 12.20
Fr, 12.26 & Sa, 12.27
Fr, 1.2 & Sa, 1.3
We, 11.19 & Th, 11.20
Mo, 11.24; Tu, 11.25 & We, 11.26
Mo, 12.1 & Th, 12.4
Th, 12.11
We, 12.17

Contact our Sales and Reservation Office at 615.269.3740 (nashville) or 615.597.2088 (smithville) for more detail or to take advantage of one of these specials.