(photo by patron Brent Wright)

Each week, Evins Mill posts immediately below a series of Enchanted Nights for the following four to six weeks - evenings when guests may stay for rates reduced by 25% to 35%, depending on the type of room, season, and whether it is a weekend or weeknight.

While weekend deals are not uncommon from December through February, Enchanted Nights are relatively rare on weekends spring through fall. When weekend nights are designated as "Enchanted" in peak seasons, it is often no more than a few days or a week in advance, so guests must stay tuned in and be fleet of foot to snag a weekend deal! 
Fr, 12.19 & Sa, 12.20
Fr, 12.26 & Sa, 12.27
Fr, 1.2 & Sa, 1.3
Sa, 1.10
Fr, 1.16 & Sa, 1.17
Fr, 1.23 & Sa, 1.24
Fr, 1.30 & Sa, 1.31
We, 12.17
Tu, 12.23
Su, 12.28; Tu, 12.30 & Th, 1.1
Mo, 1.12 through Th, 1.15
Th, 1.22

Contact our Sales and Reservation Office at 615.269.3740 (nashville) or 615.597.2088 (smithville) for more detail or to take advantage of one of these specials.